Summer Music Lessons


Summer Music is open to current band and orchestra students. It is offered at the same time as regular summer school classes. Students may choose to “pull-out” of summer classes, just as they do during the school year. Lesson times are also available before and after summer school. Summer Music is not a requirement, but many students find that their summer schedule allows them to concentrate more on their instrument. Oftentimes students will be able to complete a full certificate level or more during Summer Music. Students who attend more than once a week tend to make the most progress.


  • Lessons available on all band/orchestra instruments
  • Lessons will take place at Lincoln School from June 22 - July 15, 2020
  • Lessons are not available on Mondays or Fridays
  • Maximum certificate lesson size will be 3 students
  • Lessons are 30 minutes in length
  • Make-up lessons are possible, but scheduling availability is not guaranteed
  • Missed lessons will not be refunded

For individual scheduling needs such as prorated registration, please contact:

Mr. Hufnus
[email protected]
708-366-9230 x8630